Don Hutton

Specializing In Business Development for Molex Group

Who is Don Hutton?

Don’s competitive spirit has kept him active in dirt bike racing where he earned a top 5 class finish in the 2010 SECCA hare scramble series.

Don has been married for 17 years to his lovely wife Sheila. While there are no children in the household, Sheila’s career as a veterinarian assures there is never a shortage of pets around the house. They enjoy the company of their boxer, cat, and horse.

Business Development

Computer Science

Operations Management

Chemical Engineering

Administrative Management

Member of:
       Southwest Chemical Association
       Houston Chemical Association
       Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


Business Development


My Story

  • Don Hutton Is Born

    1972 - Georgia

    Don was born in Atlanta, GA but lived most of his young life in Opelika, AL.

  • Don Graduates High School

    1991 - Overseas

    After high school, Don spent some time in the Air Force serving a short stint in Germany in 1992 after demolition of the Berlin Wall. His team was responsible for converting military housing at the soon to be closed Bitburg Air Base into housing for East Berlin refugees.

  • Don Returns To America

    1993 - Alabama

    On his return to the US, Don used his heavy equipment and construction skills in the dolomitic limestone quarries located in south central Alabama.

  • Don Meets A Girl

    1994 - Alabama

    During this time he met his wife to be, Sheila Gilbert, who was an aspiring veterinary student at Auburn University.

  • Don Gets Married

    1996 - Alabama

    Don and Sheila married in December of 1996 and moved to Huntsville, AL after Sheila’s graduation in 1998 where Sheila became a practicing veterinarian. While supporting Sheila’s early career, Don worked with a local lumber company which is where the Molex journey begins.

  • Don Meets Keith

    2001 - Alabama

    Don met Keith Bennett, CEO of Molex, who was performing a garage addition at his home and worked closely with Don for all purchases pertaining to the build. Toward the end of the project, Keith approached Don about a potential entry position with their growing, family owned chemical company.

  • Don Starts A New Job

    2002 - Alabama

    In January of 2002 Don began his career at Molex in the mail room. Throughout the years, Don worked in the lab, logistics, customer account management, and procurement learning all aspects of the business.

  • Don Makes His Impact

    2010 - Alabama

    During his time at Molex he completed his BS in Computer Science which proved to be instrumental as Molex grew into a multi-location enterprise. Don implemented all the networking systems, software programs, and mobile platforms which allowed Molex to decentralize its main operation in Alabama and grow into a global provider of raw materials and intermediates serving several industries.

  • Don Moves To Texas

    2013 - Texas

    In 2013, Don and his long time coworker, Derek Puppa, took on the responsibility of moving to Houston, TX to oversee their manufacturing and storage facility which was built in 2008.

  • Don And Molex

    Present - Texas

    Currently, Don, Vice President, is responsible for business development for current and new chemistries and customers. Don oversees all US based third-party toll manufacturing while handling customer accounts in the US and across the globe. Don assists Derek, President, with daily manufacturing activities along with plant and personnel oversight. Don is the Treasurer of The Houston Chemical Association and also and active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE. Don is also a member of The Society of International Business Fellows where he is on the membership committee. Don and Sheila currently reside in Houston with their two boxers, George and Kramer. And, yes, the dogs are aptly named after characters from the show, Seinfeld. Together, Don and Sheila enjoy ballroom dancing, sharpening their skills in Rumba, Foxtrot, Waltz, and the Cha Cha. Don also enjoys golf and playing guitar. As early as 2010 Don was active in enduro and hare scramble racing but has since left that for the younger and more nimble crowd.


Don Racing

Don racing

George and Krame

George and Krame sitting around

Don and Sheila

Don and Sheila at the beach

Don and Derek

Don and Derek at an SIBF event in Grand Cayman

Don and Sheila

Don and Sheila at Fred Astaire event

Don Racing

Don racing

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